Who are we?

Of all questions asked, this must be the most difficult to be answered.

As we are a group that grows daily. A group made by people - individuals and legal entities - who are committed with this movement and who always seek to learn. A group which believes that if we do not dream about the world we want, we will not be able to make it happen. A group of believers full of dreams and hopes able to make things happen.

Believe.Earth expresses itself in many ways. It was launched in RockInRio festival on September 15th, 2017. It is a content, action, virtual and face-to-face movement. It is an identity that values people and their revolutions, large and small. It wants to inspire changes and make dreams come true offering a better and possible future.

Here, we are a portal.

Out of here, we’re so many other things. You can follow us on Facebook, Instagram, Twitter or Youtube and in real life too. I’m sure we’ll see each other quite often! :)

Who is involved

Meet the organizations that believe and act to spread this dream around. This network doesn't stop growing.
Thanks, God!

Team believe.earth

  • Editor-in-chief Carolina Pasquali
  • Coordination Sheila Ana Calgaro
  • Editing Marcia Kedouk and Liza Featherstone
  • Art Supervision: Luiza Esteves
  • Mobilization Cacau Araújo and a huge group of people making things happen! :)
  • Layout and Development: Royalpixel
  • News report Adriana Marmo, Alan Azevedo, Alice de Souza, Ana Krepp, Barbara Axt, Bruno Moreno, Camila Gomes, Camila Grinsztejn, Carolina Oms, Clarissa Carvalhaes, Danilo Vivan, Daniele Zebini, Elisa Menezes, Inez de Oliveira, Gabriela Costa, Jackeline Fowks, Juliana Guarany, Ligia Nogueira, Mariana Della Barba, Marina Lang, Natalie Consani, Simone Castro, Valeria Zapata, Talita Bezerra and a group of journalists scattered around all continents producing information based on their local realities.
  • Translation: Augusto Calil, Betriz Perelmuter, Camilo Adorno, Laura Neira, Meire Figueiredo, Myrna Y. Kagohara, Rocio Lobo, Paulo Padilha, Silvana Cristina Pagotto
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