Our movement grows every day. We believe that if we do not dream about the new world we desire, we will not be able to make it a reality. We are believers, full of hope that we can make things happen. Together, we will be stronger, more inspiring and more convincing people. Together, we are many and can break the inertia of those few who do nothing.

Believe.Earth se expressa de várias maneiras. Lançado no dia 15 de setembro de 2017, no RockInRio, esse movimento é conteúdo, é ação, é virtual e presencial. Somos uma identidade que valoriza as pessoas e suas micro e macro revoluções. Que inspira a transformação e concretiza o sonho de um futuro melhor.

Here, we are a portal.

Out of here, we’re so many other things. You can follow us on Facebook, Instagram, Twitter or Youtube and, in real life too ... See you around! :)


Do you want to see your story here? Do you know a person who is pure inspiration? Will you introduce us? Have you ever created anything that changed your life and could change ours as well?


Who is involved

Partners who believe and are acting now to build a better world for everybody

Team believe.earth

  • Editor-in-chief Carolina Pasquali
  • Coordination Sheila Ana Calgaro
  • Editing Marcia Kedouk and Liza Featherstone
  • Art Supervision: Luiza Esteves
  • Mobilization Cacau Araújo and a huge group of people making things happen! :)
  • Layout and Development: Royalpixel
  • News report a group of Journalists across all continents chronicling their local realities
  • Translation: Beatriz Perelmuter, Rocio Lobo, Paulo Padilha and Silvana Cristina Pagotto
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